Thursday, September 23, 2010

Text Message Movie Review: The Social Network

Facebook's movie theater?
So I've hit the big time.  How do I know this?  I begged my way into got invited to the 11 a.m. screening of the Facebook movie The Social Network.  So I have time (read: Temp Pimp hasn't called), it's free and I can use a blog posting on it.  A triple crown of excuses to avoid reality.

Now you might remember from previous reviews of Twilight and Twilight: New Moon, I've come up with a new form of movie reviews -- text messaging during the movie.  The advantage is this allows me to relay exactly what I'm thinking the moment it happens.  So I parked my self in the back corner of Screening Room F on the Sony Lot, took out my phone and texted my way through the movie.

And away we go...

-- Want 2 hate FB movie bc zuckerberg seems like a turd.  flawed logic. error --> me.

-- Movie critic @ screening said U Again sux.  betty white era = over.  no chance 4 rue mcclanahan comeback, eh?

Groggy sucks
-- No coffee in screening room. sigh.  promise not 2 spill doesn't work.
-- Sorkin and fincher make zuckerberg look like a turd.  already liking flix.

-- "Dating you is like dating a stairmaster."  got 2 learn 2 write like that.

-- Music by reznor #nin.  love trent.  if TSN sux, at least music will b good.   

Veritas?  Verihot!
-- Harvard chicks in movies > Harvard chicks in real life.

-- Wonder how much $$ mountain dew forked over 4 placements.  

-- Eisenberg deserves oscar 4 channeling inner misanthrope.  or does he have aspergers?

-- Screening room has nice chairs.  air conditioner blasting cold.  irrelevant.

-- No timberlake.  sexy not back yet, eh?  got 2 get song out of my head.

Hoodwinker in a hoodie?
-- Zuckerberg: simultaneously sympathetic and pathetic.  and awesome at it!!

-- "This guy doesn't have 3 friends 2 rub together."  sorkin still's got it.

-- LOL!!  twins kick ass.  won't say what happened.  right after tyler and cameron call their lawyer.  gr8 line!

-- 15 mins of timberlake.  he's ok but eisenberg stole the scene.

-- Even chicken is a good actor.  casting director deserves more $$.

Literal image
-- Not gonna review for a moment.  want 2 pay attention.  guess i like it, eh?

-- Rowing scene w/ techno version of "in the hall of the mountain king!"  reason enuf 2 c TSN.

-- Mistake!  no rain in bay area in summer.  dramatic effect v. weather patterns.  drama wins.

-- 2 hour mark.  starting 2 wander a little.  need #chapelle's wrap it up box.

-- "I was drunk, angry, stupid and blogging."  new slogan 4 temp diaries?

-- Killer ending.  will overlook extra 10 minutes.

ADDITIONAL COMMENTS:  I'm not much of a movie person.  I so infrequently go because when I do, I feel like I just wasted $12 and three hours of my life.  I hate the dumbed down dialogue and crappy acting that unfortunately seem to be so pervasive these days.  The Social Network mercifully doesn't fall into this category, and really is a pretty fucking good movie.  Sorkin deserves a lot of credit for writing a script that makes computer programmers interesting, certainly not an easy task.  He writes dialogue that feels natural and he and David Fincher craft a story most people (myself included) were unaware of.  But the reason to see this movie is Jesse Eisenberg as Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.  His ability to create Harvard arrogance merged with computer-programmer misanthropy is spot on.  How do I know this?  I know Harvard grads who are computer programmers.  They act the same way.  You hate them and feel sorry for them all at the same time.

If you can spare the hour's pay, go see it.  Or you can sit home and just fuck around on Facebook, but that's a lot less interesting.


Anonymous said...

You work in entertainment, homie. Tax write off. You are going to see the film for research purposes. Same for your cable bill.

Anonymous said...

Is someone covering for tempy because u normal don't curse, fucking eh.

:) emoticon until I die

Anonymous said...

You are "not a movie person"? Why do you even bother then.

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