Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Another Nightmare on Memory Lane

Go Pack Go!
Those of us who are sporting fans can certainly be passionate when it comes to our favorite team.  We'll wear their gear.  We'll know all the team information.  Heck, we might even have a get together for a big game.  But that said, it's unlikely that we'd ever do what Temp X's old boss did.  Of course that's what made my old employer so unique.

Following are a couple emails and then an epilogue of what happened during the World Cup.  It's important to note that this all happened during the work week.

[My favorite team] is playing tomorrow against [their mortal enemies] at 11:30 a.m. [The other partner in the firm] and I are going to [restaurant name redacted] tomorrow early to get a table. Everyone is welcome to go there and meet us to watch the game.
The game is from 11:30-1sh. We will have the staff meeting afterwards.


[Name redacted]

Ok.  So that was nice.  The person running the company invited everyone to watch a World Cup game.  Perhaps not the most effective use of company time.  In fact, it's a completely ineffective use of company time and if I were a client, I'd wonder what the heck I'm doing working with these people.  But lucky for me I was only an underemployed and underpaid cog in the corporate machinery.  All I cared about is that my pay check didn't bounce.

But then the fun started.  Early the next morning (a.k.a. "Game Day") we receive a follow up email.

I am sick today and not coming in.

I’ll be checking messages and emails.

[Name redacted]

Bluebell is a flower.
Alright.  Things are starting to look fishy.  Is it possible that my boss got sick?  Sure.  I suppose it could have been a rapidly developing flu.  A highly contagious case of Lumbago?  Maybe.  The plague?  Perhaps.  Or maybe it's like in high school when I experienced a phantom crippling illness whenever I had a calculus exam.

My Spidey-sense told me the whole "I'm sick" thing was BS.  She was skipping out on work to watch the game, but she'd forgotten her previous email about about skipping out on work to watch the game.  You might think this scenario is unlikely.  I'd say that you don't understand my former employer. It wasn't until the next day, when my boss walked in and settled it for certain.

Pretty as a bluebell and happy as a pig in poop (yes, her team won) she walks in the office chatting away on her phone.

"I was quote-unquote sick yesterday." she tells the person on the other end of the line.

And I "quote-unquote" care.

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Anonymous said...

i dont understand, did she forget she offered or did she not want to pay. also, deadline is a complete waste of time because comments are off. I will not check back until someone says "good gossip on deadline,comments are back".

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