Thursday, September 2, 2010

How fake is Hollywood?

Step right up folks and witness the spectacular scientific sight of the studio lot speed stopper courtesy of Warner and Brothers studio.  Stop your transportation, start your concentration as you witness this structural fascination -- a two-dimensional, unconventional, multi-sectional, and strangely conversational -- fake speed bump.

From a distance, you can't tell it's fake. Just like Demi Moore.

That's how fake Hollywood is.  Even the speed bumps aren't real.  And this isn't from a set for a show.  This is just painted in the employee parking lot.


Anonymous said...

I think its ingenious. Just when u give up and come to the conclusion that everybody in hollyw w clout is stupid u get this. I aplde them from getting out of one lawsuit and into another, because cars r worth more than people.

Anonymous said...

This blew my mind! Thanks for posting, and could you please do more like this?

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