Wednesday, September 1, 2010

If you can't beat 'em...(Part 2)

Come on Darling Nikki.  Stop it already.  If you're gonna steal my idea, try to mask it a little better than you're doing right now.  You're about as subtle as Vanilla Ice thieving Queen/Bowie in "Ice Ice Baby."  Or to put it in language you'll understand, you're Jayson Blair.  I know you're upset how I bust your balls, scoop you and point out inaccuracies in your reporting.  But that's no reason to post animation making an entertainment exec look like an uninformed nincompoop.  That's my turf.  And you've done it twice in two weeks.

Stop!  Thief!
And what's truly funny about it, is Nikki decided to call Polone and cover this cartoon as a news story.  I wonder whether Penske is starting to question his investment.  How long until Nikki starts interviewing other animated characters?  "Homer Simpson?  Nikki Finke calling from Deadline Hollywood.  Do you really have a drinking problem?"

Go back to what you do best -- covering news and then contradicting yourself.

7/29/10 -- Deadline confirms JLo as American Idol judge

8/28/10 -- Deadline seeks to confirm JLo is Idol judge

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Anonymous said...

That site went downhill as soon as she started to get moving. As one of her former co workers said, she manages to screw things up for her self, (paraphrase). she does a horrible job of sucking up. she panned entourage (rightly) and is know backpedaling.

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