Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A New Feature: Headshot of the Week

It has come to my attention that in addition to the aspiring agents, producers and writers who read my site, there are also struggling actors.  For the desk jockeys, I have Unemployee of the Week and The Job List.  But I've not done much to help the aspiring actor...until now.  I am please to announce a new feature from the Temp Diaries -- Headshot of the Week.  Headshot of the Week is a way to get your picture and resume in front of people who might want to hire you or take you on as a client.  Pretty good idea, eh?

To be considered for Headshot of the Week, send copies (.jpg or .pdf) of your headshot, credits and contact info to tempx@tempdiaries.com.  I'll take it from there.  Of course, be smart about what contact info you provide as this info will be out there for all to see.

Here's mine. Now send me yours.


Anonymous said...

Gotta wonder why these actors are struggling. There's a heck of a lot of work out there.

I'm a producer and someone sent this to me asking me if I would want to hire a "struggling actor". Aren't actors past this struggling title?

Perhaps change in the title like an upcoming talent might be better vs. this title that a producer will run from. I'm not going to hire someone walking around saying they are struggling and I don't want them on my set.

Also, I have hired many a temp on who shows up on time, does their job, is positive and thinks outside of the box. I'm 63, I might be a grump, but I get the job done, on time, under budget and I notice good work from temps.

Anonymous said...

Can you hook me up with a production job? I show up on time, positive, and I always do my job.

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