Wednesday, February 3, 2010

How else to celebrate my 500th posting? A Nikki Finke Fuck Up Retrospective...

It seems like just yesterday I was a wee Temp making wee money and starting a wee website to help entertain those like me. Well, that was 500 postings ago. I've since grown into a full-fledged assistant making wee money. And as for the website, we'll I'm the purveyor of such new Hollywood institutions and The Brown List, Celebs: They're just like us only better looking and dumber and the upcoming Bennie Awards. For all of these fun things, there's one feature that always draws a crowd, when I mock Nikki Finke.

So what better way to celebrate my 500th posting than to document my favorite Darling Nikki Fuck Ups. I hope you enjoy re-living these moments because that's all I've got for today...

-- The Temp Diaries scoops Nikki thrice in eight days. That's right. I used the word "thrice." And better yet, I used it correctly.

-- Nikki sends me hate mail. Big mistake. [Tip: Never send an under-employed Temp hate mail. This is a battle you have no chance of winning. Not because I'm smarter, but because you're dumber.]

-- Nikki Finke believes the WWE announcement that they're selling one of their shows to Donald Trump. No word on whether Hollywood's Grand Dame understands that the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus don't really exist.

-- Nikki forgets Katie Couric's high-profile departure from NBC in 2006, runs a picture of Katie as an NBC family member in 2009. If form holds, Darling Nikki will figure out Conan O'Brien got the boot sometime in 2013...assuming the world is around that long. Thanks Mayans.

-- Nikki "confirms" a Financial Times report that Paramount, Sony and Fox were discussing something about home video. It's doubtful that the FT was seeking your blessing on their content. And then someone got to her said you better not call this stuff "collusion" unless you can prove it.

...and finally, the best Nikki Finke Fuck Up...

-- Nikki gets scooped by most of the Internet on Ben Silverman's ousting. In what was only the biggest entertainment industry story of 2009, the $14 Million Woman was no where to be found. Her excuse, "I was fast asleep," choosing to ignore her frequently ringing phone.
Well, that concludes the first 500 from the Temp Diaries. I appreciate all of your support over the past two years. You've been a wonderful audience. Don't forget to tip your waitress. And more importantly...

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