Monday, February 1, 2010

Renew. Reuse. Throw out.

Every once in a while, I'm reminded of something from my Temp days of yore. These are moments I'd rather forget and/or attempt to suppress. But for whatever subconscious reason, I can't. Today I'd like to share one of these quintessential Hollywood moments with you.

About six months ago I was working at the TV production arm of a major studio when my boss asked me to make multiple copies of a script they were sending over to FOX.

"No big deal," I thought to myself. After nearly four years of Temping, a former career in marketing and 16 years of schooling, I had a pretty firm grasp of how to make copies. Just point me in the direction of the Xerox machine and I'm all set.

So for maybe 10 minutes I watched as the machine flawlessly did its thing. Twelve copies of a 60+ page script, warm to the touch and as pretty as they'll ever be. Mission accomplished.

I drop the scripts off with my boss and return to the sightly more interesting task of editing my script or writing my blog or reading Entertainment Weekly. After no more than a few minutes, she arrives at my desk.

"I need you to do these over again," she says matter-of-factly.

"Was there something wrong them?" I reply.

"Yes. Well, no. We can't use these." She proceeded to explain that FOX only accepts scripts with print on both sides. It's part of their effort to be more eco-friendly. She'd thrown out the first copies and asked me to make a new, double-sided batch.

I considered suggesting this wastes even more paper. But in Hollywood you learn that sometimes it's just easier to go along with the inanity.


Anonymous said...

Are you serious?? That's the most F***ed up Hollywood story I've ever heard!! Well, that and "plating"...

Norma said...

This is hilarious, as is most of your blog. But believe me, it isn't just in Hollywood. Eco-friendly types just don't get it.

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