Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Fact checking the Financial Times -- $14 million well spent

The Financial Times has a stellar reputation and deep history in business journalism. When it formed 121 years ago, Queen Victoria ruled the English monarchy, the U.S. only had 38 states, Martin C. Stone had just patented the first drinking straw and Deadline Hollywood...well...let's just say it wasn't around yet. But that won't stop Darling Nikki from "fact-checking" the FT, agreeing with them (duh!) and running it as if she now deemed it officially news.

Nik, I'll give you a hint. If the FT (or any other publication, including mine) scoops you, repeating it doesn't mean squat. It just means that you were late to the game. I fear you're out of your league again. On the plus side, you scooped everyone by letting us know Jeff Goldblum is alive. Good work.

as of 10:30 p.m. 6/30/09

[Breaking News: Did Nikki get a little smack from her new corporate overlords? Sometime during the last 15 hours Nikki changed the lede -- "collusion" now reads "anti-competitive behavior." Or perhaps a studio told her that she was dangerously close to libel? And curiouser still the date and time of the posting haven't changed. Nik, if you run a correction, you should probably note it. ]

as of 1:28 p.m. 7/1/09

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Anonymous said...

Ruled the English monarchy? Do you mean the British Empire? She was the British monarch and presumably did what she told herself to do, but otherwise...

Random nitpicking. As you were...

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