Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Random Thoughts and Questions a.k.a. Larry King Tuesday

The Roosevelt Hotel has the best community pool in LA. Just walk in like you belong there. No one will ever stop you. It's free and if you're thirsty, they have a bar. [Tip: For extra fun, watch the mating dance of the Hollywood Hipster.]

I predict the G.I. Joe movie is gonna be the bomb. And not in a good way.

The only person on American Idol who isn't replicable is Simon Cowell. Paula Abdul could very easily be swapped out with Courtney Love and no one would notice the difference.

I saw Casino Royale last night for the first time. Best Bond movie since Goldfinger. Probably 20 minutes too long, but it did clock in at nearly 2.5 hours.

Without peeking, how many Drew Barrymore's 50 movies can you name? Other than E.T. and Charlie's Angels, I bet you can't name more than three. [Note: It doesn't count if you say "That movie about the...you know..." Name the actual title.]

The problem with having a somewhat successful anonymous blog is you can't reference it during an interview, especially when the question is, "What's your most significant achievement since moving to Hollywood?" I should have thought this website through a little better. Or perhaps I should have better achievements?

Beagles don't come with a snooze button. Time to invent one that does because thwaping him on the head just riles him up.

HDTV is very cool...when it works.

I like that Walter Cronkite's simply said "Wow!" when we first landed on the moon. News anchors often think too much of themselves. He seemed to get the point.

Has anyone watched Late Night with Jimmy Fallon yet?

Watch Geraldo Rivera's interview with moon landing conspiracy theorists and Bill Nye: The Science Guy. It's perhaps the worst interview in the history of television for about 50 different reasons. Oh, Geraldo, it's "Bar Mitzvah" or "Bat Mitzvah" not "Ba Mitzvah."

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Anonymous said...

Cronkite should have said, geeze is that the sound stage next door? Looks just like stage 4.

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