Monday, July 27, 2009

Ben Silverman Quits -- Nikki Finke gets scooped by NYT and TMZ! [write thru #9]

By now, we all know that Darling Nikki "overslept" Hollywood's biggest news item of the year - the demise of Ben Silverman at NBC. Turns out, she had a list of excuses to choose from. Here are some of the others she considered using:
  1. My dog ate my computer.
  2. The check from Penske already cleared.
  3. I'm still recovering from my vacation.
  4. My alarm clock didn't go off.
  5. Traffic on the 101 sucked.
  6. I can't get good cell phone reception in Los Angeles.
  7. 13, 999,998...13,999,999...dammit. I lost count. Time to start over.
  8. NBC doesn't really count.
  9. You try typing and patting yourself on the back at the same time. It's not as easy as it looks.
  10. Two words -- hung over.

Feel free to add your own and post them in the comments section.


Anonymous said...

Hey X
I really like your blog. I've been a faithful reader since before the redesign, before the new logo, back when it was that strange bull thing and yadda yadda yadda. I tempted for the better part of 6 months before landing a gig (so far, so terrible.) and I found your insight into the Hollywood trenches to be very funny and, at times, very useful. You're the reason I got onto LAConfab, for instance, and why, after much pestering, the Wittys finally let me join.

With all due respect, I find myself losing interest in your posts when you engage in this one-sided, self-serving fight you have with Nikki Finke. I'm sure you get a serious traffic bump when Defamer or Finke links to you, as they have done. I was thrilled for you that you were starting to get the recognition I think you deserve, as someone busting their ass and trying to make it, etc. Oddly inspirational to see your struggles and drink from your fount of knowledge. But prodding Finke repeatedly, and so unabashedly, in the hopes that she'll respond to you and give you more fodder in this war, and potentially a serious traffic boost - it's unbecoming and quite dull. Everyone in hollywood knows she's kind of a bitch, but usually pretty right. Your posts highlighting this fact isn't exactly thrilling new territory.

Quit trying to be Nikki Finke and just be yourself. I liked you more back then. And shit yes I'm keeping this anonymous, because what if we work together and i'm that asshole??

Anonymous said...

I'm far from a Hollywood insider. I actually live on the east coast, so I only sort of know who Nikki Finke is. I do love your blog. I think your take on trying to make it in Hollywood is amusing and witty. I feel this whole thing with Nikki Finke must be some kind of Hollywood insider thing that I don't get. Please get back to So You're New to Hollywood, The Hollywood Dictionary, or more stories about crazy stuff that's happened to you. I'd love another version of 2/3 lies and a truth. Keep up the great work on the blog.

Anonymous said...

I am a longtime studio exec who LOVES your blog. In fact, I think many other studio execs secretly read it as well just to see you poke your finger right in Nikki Finke's eyeball! At least Nikki's accountant and cousin were nice enough to take the time to write notes to you today here in the Comments section asking you to lay off printing anything negative about poor (bad choice of words) old (good choice of words) Nikki. I think you should start a "Truth Alert" section on your site in which you can reveal all of the crap, narcissism, and outright LIES (lies that would put even Richard Nixon to shame!) propounded by the self-congratulatory studio press releases that are merely re-printed word-for-word (as though they were the Gospel) by erstwhile "Hollywood journalists" (an oxyMORON if ever there was one since true "journalists" do more than just regurgitate the miasma spewed forth by Hollywood flacks). Whatever happened to the thorough investigation and direct presentation of FACTS (rather than merely belching up the same unsubtantiated noxious disinformation promulgated by studio execs who are desperate to perform autofellatio in print)??? Frankly, I for one cannot wait to see your next exposé calling out Missie Finke! Don't let the other comments posted here (which probably were written by her only two (erstwhile) friends) cause you to pull back from exposing the bullshit that goes on around this town. Keep up the good work!

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