Thursday, July 16, 2009

Why is "Best Reality Host" an Emmy Category?

Can someone please explain this to me? Feel free to use the comment section to clarify. Best answer wins.


Anonymous said...

Because the idiots that decided watching everyday life on TV evokes just as much entertainment as the originally intended escapism of television shows thought it's been too long since they were properly honored. In other words, reality TV by definition is NOT TV, but the people - including the hosts - involved want nothing more than to be part of the bandwagon that belongs to the traditional scripted TV folks.

They only want LOVE.

Anonymous said...

Because soon, Ryan Seacrest will own an empire that rivals Rupert Murdoch's and if he doesn't get recognition for telling the worst jokes in the history of mankind, he will curse all to be his particular shade of orange.

jackleg said...

I don't care as long as they bump it up to ten nominations.

Anonymous said...

There is plenty of talent in coming across as being interested in the shows and the attention-starved idiots who populate them. Not to mention delivering the same lines, week after week after week. Actors strive to do live theatre, where they have great stories to play and dialogue to deliver. On reality TV, it's mindless pap and it is absolutely stunning when anyone can even deliver the lines without either going mad or vomiting. Done right, it might be the best acting job on TV. All hail Jeff Probst!

EM said...

Why is "Best Reality Host" an Emmy Category?

Someone's trying to get into Padma Lakshmi's pants!

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