Wednesday, July 1, 2009

OMG -- My friend sold a pilot!!

Hollywood is a town built on rejection. And for anyone who has lived here for any period of time (I'm at 1,494 days and counting) it pains you every time someone close to you gets dinged for whatever nonsensical reason. "Can you act a little taller?" "Your scripts -- the jokes are too smart. Can you dumb them down?" "Oh, so it's just a coincidence your last name is Moonves? Hmm. We're not really interested then." You hear everything. None of it makes sense. It never will.

But if you're lucky enough, the stars align and someone actually watches the teaser reel you slaved over for months, that breakthrough day might just arrive. And for my friend, that day was yesterday. She sold a pilot to [Network Redacted].

Never have I seen someone smile so wide for so long. Then there's the jumping and screaming and running around. It's all so great to watch when someone you call a friend (not just a "Hollywood Friend") gets their break. I recommend you try it.

Congrats Pookie. You deserve it. It was long overdue.


Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS! Will he hire you?

Anonymous said...

yes, there is always that... will the friend make room for you?

Anonymous said...

Hoooorah. But did he/she have to sell their soul or first born? Looking forward to more updates on this.......

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