Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Nikki Finke's Revisionist History

It appears Darling Nikki is mad at me. Usually when this happens, Hollywood's Queen of Taking Vacation just sends me hate mail. But she's taking it to a new level. I've been completely deleted from her site.

Yep. Dumped. Booted. Evicted like Ruth Madoff from her Upper East Side penthouse. Nikki erased her 12/4/08 posting about the Hollywood Temp Diaries.*

I don't know what I did to achieve this level of ignominy. Sure I've scooped her a few (10) times. And, yes, I pointed out that she probably should call Vince McMahon before grousing about getting duped by a publicity stunt. But heck, Roger Ebert shat all over Darling Nikki back in 2006 and she hasn't sacked that posting. In fact, I believe I'm the first posting in the history of Deadline Hollywood to receive this unceremonious heave-ho.

I've been told "You haven't made it in Hollywood until someone hates you." So I guess I should wear this as a Badge of Honor.

Or perhaps it's Nikki's way of apologizing. If so, "Apology Accepted."

*For those of you who missed it, she offered info about my site but suggested I was simply attempting to "exploit" recent layoffs at NBC through my blog. I countered the following day by posting my earnings statement from the Social Security Administration. I haven't been on a date since.

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