Thursday, October 30, 2008

Love & Hate Mail -- Volume 2

There's no shortage of people who respond to my blog. Clearly I'm not the only Temp with time to spare. Some love me and (for some inexplicable reason) hate me. How is it that someone as low on the Hollywood totem pole as I can generate such animosity? All I can say is, "Bring it on!"

One of your best blogs in quite a long time. Pity someone had to get a terminal illness to inspire you. I look forward to more blogs like this--recognition to unappreciated writers and artists in the entertainment industry is much needed.

Temp X responds: I appreciate your backhanded compliment. Although how much credibility can you assign to someone who considers P.J. O'Rourke an unappreciated writer and artist. The man has written 14 books (including three New York Times best sellers), was a commentator on 60 Minutes, frequently contributes to NPR and wrote for Rolling Stone for 20 years. This entry probably sucked. Sorry everyone. I'll do better next time.

Letter #2 (re: "Journal Entry Mad-Lib")

You are my favorite...

Temp X responds: I am my favorite too. I am also my second favorite. My third favorite is Julianne Hough.

Letter #3 (re: "In the event you missed Knight Rider last evening....")

The only thing worse than bad television is blogging about bad television.

Temp X responds: I will pull from my computer programming expertise and offer an explanation for this entry and the reader's comment -- "Garbage In, Garbage Out." Of course I skipped most of my programming classes in college and went to the gym. So perhaps there's a better term I'm not aware of.

Letter #4 (re: "The Ben Silverman Celebrity Roast")


Temp X responds:
I can only assume this means you fell asleep during NBC's Friday night jugger-naught Robinson Crusoe and were unable to attend the Roast?

Letter #5 (re: "It's a Wonderful Life?")

Red Mango started before Pinkberry in Korea. The NY Times reported,"The first Yogurberry opened in 2004; Red Mango appeared in Seoul in 2002; Pinkberry opened in West Hollywood in 2005."

Temp X responds: To anyone who started selling a frozen dairy-like substance company before 2005, I apologize. You are the true pioneers in this industry except for TCBY, I can't believe it's Yogurt and all those other places that sold frozen yogurt 30 years ago.

Letter #6 (re: "The Fall TV schedule -- By the Numbers")

This is sad. No offense to Temp X -- I am one of the people who thinks it's a great idea to follow your dreams -- but this is why I stopped watching TV. Who watches this crap other than brain-dead xenophobes who cannot fathom doing something else?

Temp X responds: I'm not sure whether this is intended to be an insult or a compliment. Which is it? A simple "Yes" or "No" will suffice.

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