Thursday, October 16, 2008

15 days and counting

It's only 15 days until the submission deadline for the Il Festival di d'Arte Cinematografica di Assurdita'. And the entries are already rolling in.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the festival, Il FACA celebrates the poor, starving Hollywood artists who have made movies/short films/videos but would rather buy groceries than pay another festival entry fee. It's also an outlet for people who think story, dialog and acting triumph over special effects and things that explode needlessly (cough -- Michael Bay). So if you have a movie you made in college that's just sitting around? Submit it. Perhaps you filmed something on a drug-fueled binge? Submit it. Or are you looking for an excuse to shoot something with that video camera you bought 6 months ago? Here's your chance to show off and share your brilliance with your fellow hourly cogs.

I know, you've read most of this before. But here are a list of the categories and the prizes. For all the info, go to the website:

Grand Prize:
  • Foglio della Presenze Dorato' -- $50 iTunes Gift Card for best overall film (regifted)
Category Prizes:
  • L'ho fatto nell'universita -- Promo poster from the ill-conceived 2008 summer bomb Speed Racer (stolen)
  • Registrato in un'altra Festival Cinematografica, ma perso -- A Warner Bros. "Save the Planet" water bottle (stolen)
  • Burattini post-moderni -- A DVD collection of Elvis performances (I don't remember where I stole this from)
  • Va'Fanculo Hollywood, almeno che ho vinto... -- Catwoman on DVD (worst present ever)
Maybe you'll get discovered! Or if nothing else, enter so I'm not stuck with this crap around my house.

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