Friday, October 3, 2008

Il Festival di d'Arte Cinematografica di Assurdita'

It is with great pride that I officially open the Call For Entries for the 2008 Il Festival di d'Arte Cinematografica di Assurdita' sponsored by the good folks at The Hollywood Temp Diaries.

Il FACA is a film festival for the poor, starving Hollywood artist who is just trying to get noticed but may not have the financial resources to enter into one of those high-falutin' contests like Cannes, Sundance or Toronto.

I invite all of you to participate in this most exciting (and most certainly real) event. And if you don't, I'm gonna be really pissed because it took me a couple days to get the website ready. For all the details, click here or go to The deadline for submission is 12 noon on October 31, 2008. So you've got a month to dig something up or get it done. Who knows, maybe you'll win the much coveted Foglio della Presenze Dorato and the accompanying $50 iTunes Gift Card.

Good Luck and Good Movie!

Temp X

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