Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Journal Entry Mad-Lib

Life in Hollywood is emotionally taxing. And I know as much as anyone that it's painful keeping track of all this rejection and humiliation. Heck, I've been doing it for 6 months now. (Yes, I would appreciate a "Happy Anniversary" cards or cash.)

So the folks at the
Hollywood Temp Diaries decided to make keeping track of your misery a snap. In the spirit of the much used "Networking Mad-Lib" we now offer you the "Journal Entry Mad-Lib." Just fill in the blanks and save yourself from actual reflection and analysis of where your life turned in the wrong direction.

It's been (number) years and (number less than 12) months since I moved to Hollywood. I remember the (emotion indicating happiness) I felt when I got off the (curse word used as an adjective) freeway. I knew making it in Hollywood required a lot of (gerund), but I would do just about anything to make it, even (activity illegal in Georgia).

I wouldn't say I had it mapped out, but I figured I'd get my break within (number less than 100) years. I'd get a (complimentary adjective) agent. Or at least a (derogatory adjective) manager. With a little luck, I'd get a job working for a show on (basic cable station other than Fox News) show.

Truth be told, LA is...well....kinda (negative adjective) compared to (city you moved from or simply say "Manhattan"). I was excited to enjoy the night life. The challenge is you need to make more than (number greater than 12) dollars/hour to enjoy Roosevelt Hotel or One Sunset. On the plus side, even a (demeaning Hollywood job) like myself can get into Hyde now as it's day has past.

It was fun the first time I saw a big star. I was window shopping in (zip code between 90210 and 90212) and I saw (A-list celebrity). I wasn't sure it was him/her, until I saw his/her (body part). It was much (adjective describing size) than I imagined. That was fun. But then I heard from my friend that (same celebrity) is a real (curse word used as a noun) and complains when his/her (meal made from obscure vegetable) is too (temperature) or even has too much (seasoning) on it.

The (gender of your preference) are better looking here than in (city you're from). I do manage to have (activity illegal in Mississippi) every once in a while, but I'd like to have a real relationship.

I don't (write/act/direct) as much as I should. It's hard to get motivated to do this stuff when you get paid (number less than 1) dollars for it. Such is the problem of living in a capitalist society. Of course at this rate, we'll probably be a socialist country real soon. Then I can start making meaningful films like (Sergei Eisenstein movie). From great pain comes great art. I've already got the pain. So the art must be coming soon.

Talk to you soon,
(Your real name or whatever you changed your name to be)


Anonymous said...

You are my favorite...

Erica Nevis said...

No, actually you are MY FAVORITE!!!:)

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