Friday, October 10, 2008

Under the influence of "My Name is Earl"

This is what happens when you're under the influence, not wearing your glasses, half asleep and decide it's a good idea to do stream of consciousness blogging. You create the terrible literary mistake that follows. On the plus side, My Name is Earl is only a half hour. It could have been worse. I could have watched Grey's Anatomy.

I'm watching My Name Is Earl. Jason Lee just spent the first five minutes of the show trying to kill Luke Wilson. And I just can't see how that's comedy. And now he slept with his friends wife. And then he got shot with a nail gun. I have no idea what's going on. Now it's turned into Groundhog Day. The ads are actually offering a better plot. And that was just a Disney ad. The special effects in this new Honda Fit ad are fantastic. Earl is almost back on. Ugh. iPod ad. How many is that this break. Seems like 3 minutes. Uh oh. Kath and Kim ad. I shall not be watching. Christian Slater is now 2 people. Oh golly, the chick with the cute butt got fat or inflated. Oh so it's the TV version of Memento. I still don't know what is going on. Jamie Pressley just suggested shooting Charlie Brown. Why are the other cast members so invested in this list of Earl's and him completing it? He's now wearing a mask. It's either Luke Wilson or David Arquette. Ok, they're doing Groundhog Day from the perspective of the other person. The meat in the Domino's ad was folded over. Should they talk about genetic engineering in a VW ad. The Nazis were known for their fondness of that. Seems dumb. Fritz Coleman has funny glasses. Smoke coming of the tires of the Mercedes looks funny. Mervyn's is having a sale. And we're back from an extended news break. Guns for hams exchange? Oh, Earl's wearing a full armor. Jason Lee has decided to sing Ricky Martin. I think that is David Arquette. Johnny's asleep. The stunt he's doing involves flying to the sun in a chair. He's now writing a note to sweet Johnny. Oh shoot. I forgot what I was writing. Jamie Pressley just shot her butt. And now he's not gonna tell him. Oh golly, the schmaltzy ending. Is Earl Jewish? And now the commercials before the credits that run the names that no one reads. A mouse just bit the guy's nuts. I'm a PC and these ads for Mircosoft suck. Oh. It was David Arquette. "I want to use my lifeline," so says Tina Fey. Kath and Kim is on. Which means I should change the channel.
Let that be a lesson to all of my fans. It's not what you injest that that make you dumb, it's the TV shows you watch.

Oh and in the event you didn't watch last night's episode and are trying to figure out what I'm talking about. here's the summary:

SWEET JOHNNY: This week's My Name Is Earl showcased a guest performance by David Arquette as Sweet Johnny, a daredevil who's inability to form new memories makes crossing him off the list especially difficult for Earl.


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