Monday, October 20, 2008

Ready! Fire! Aim!

Sorry I took Friday off. I had more important stuff to do than chronicle how many times I hit "Refresh" (32 if you're counting) to see if I got an interesting email . But enough excuses, on to today's lesson.

Temp X actually has friends outside "The Industry." It's important to have these people to remind you that your average Hollywood executive's behavior is, in fact, insane.

My friend has worked for headhunters for 10 years. She's done this stuff on all levels, having worked her way up from dealing with "the scum of the earth" (temps) to now recruiting "THE SCUM OF THE EARTH" (lawyers). I suppose that's my way of saying I respect her opinion. I shall refer to her as "F Niti" which is simply short for "Friend Not in the Industry" rather than legendary mob enforcer Frank Nitti.

The following is from two different IM exchanges which took place on Friday.

[Note to my family: Please forgive some of my word choices. I was in quite the mood.]

Part 1
Temp X: i love being a temp
Temp X: and by LOVE, i mean I want to yell at people. and by temp I mean being a fringe element of the Hollywood employment community
F Niti: well; I am glad you are happy
F Niti: what prompted this?
Temp X: did i ever tell you about the time the temp agent sent me to a gig they didn't confirm with the "client"?
F Niti: no
F Niti: LOL
Temp X: you've not been keeping up with my blog, eh?
F Niti: I have but I don't remember seeing that one
Temp X:
Temp X: so i get a call today from someone who wants me to work a couple days next week. but this isn't just someone, it's [multi-Emmy award winning writer/producer]
Temp X: so i said, hell yeah
F Niti: hell yes!
Temp X: exactly
Temp X: so i call up my pimp and tell her that i'm gonna bag on my current gig because i got something i would be an idiot to pass up
Temp X: and she decides to tell me that she's very disappointed in me
F Niti: lol
F Niti: did she threaten not to use you again?
Temp X: and all i want to say is Fuck you. you're the ones who wasted my fucking time sending me to a gig that never even existed. not to mention the fact that the person i'm working for might [not even be there for personal reasons]
Temp X: i don't actually care that much. i'm just so annoyed.
F Niti: when do you start?
Temp X: how dare i try to advance my career?
Part 2 -- a couple hours later
Temp X: kill me
F Niti: no
Temp X: so they just asked me to call the person i'm working for to tell her that i'm not coming in
Temp X: hr asked me!
Temp X: i said no
F Niti: omg
F Niti: are you kidding?
Temp X: sadly , no
Temp X: i don't understand why the onus is on me
Temp X: it's fucking stupid
F Niti: they should not have you make the call
F Niti: it's not professional
Temp X: nope
Temp X: that's what i thought
Temp X: next time i'll just tell them that my mom broke her hip and i'm going to visit her
Temp X: i should have thought of that
Temp X: remind me to use that some other time
F Niti: ok

Maybe I need a real Frank Nitti just to bump off the Hollywood people who don't think straight. Of course, after all the killing, there'd be no one left.

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Hey. Thanks for posting a pic of Nathan Thurm. One of my favorites, as you might imagine. Good talking with you the other day. Keep it up.

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