Monday, March 23, 2009

TOLDJA -- Temp X apologizes to Nikki Finke

So after last week's posting about Nikki Finke being asleep at the switch, she got a little cheesed off at me. And who can blame her. I was insensitive. She was "out of pocket" (her words) and thus unable to do what her advertisers pay her for -- break news. I, on the other hand, am a Temp and have all the time in the world to collect gossip while rolling calls at $16/hr.

As you'll see above, Darling Nikki sent me an email that she asked me not to re-print. After checking with a friend and former AP bureau chief about your request (which has no legal basis, FYI), I decided to honor your desires anyway. But I felt you deserved an explanation for my behavior. Please consider this an apology.

1) [Nikki Finke's comment redacted]

Temp X responds: I'm so confused that you don't like my marketing. I'm just following the example set by the guru of self promotion -- You. I thought I was supposed to point out the inadequacies (real or imagined) of other publications in a Biggie vs. Tupac trash-talking but without the shooting exercise. All I did was I did was read your interview with Patrick Phillips.

Perhaps I'll start rapping instead.

2) [Nikki Finke's comment redacted]

Temp X responds: Wait. I'm confused (again!). I thought I did exactly what I was supposed to with scoops. I mean I follow the same two-step process you employ:
  1. Scoop a publication with vaster resources than your own.
  2. Tell everyone "Toldja" and snarkily congratulate those publications when they write the same story days later. Kinda like you did with the Variety (DHD, 6/17/08) and the New York Times (DHD, 3/10/09).
Back to the drawing board on this one.

3) [Nikki Finke's comment redacted]

Temp X responds: You're right. I shouldn't have posted the names of people who were rumored to getting laid off from Endeavor. It's unfair to name names as it can only cause undue anxiety. I'll follow your lead and only post the names of people who might be getting laid off from William Morris (DHD 2/25/09). Of course when they become part of Endeavor, what will I do?

4) [Nikki Finke's comment redacted]

Temp X responds: Again. You're right!! Verifying information is the cornerstone of journalistic integrity. That's why I'm still so impressed that you went undercover like Jason Patric in the movie Rush before writing that Ben Silverman was too drugged up to remember to be at a reception with GE brass and Barack Obama. (DHD, 1/19/09)

Just don't get caught up in the drug culture. It might spoil your reporting.


Anonymous said...

Temp 1, Finke 0. Pass the popcorn.

TheAma1 said...

Oh, snap.

Anonymous said...

finke is the queen of egomania.

Anonymous said...

careful tempx, I hear she has the mighty power to cast spells and turn people into temps- oh wait...

Anonymous said...

<3 4 X

Anonymous said...

Taking the drugs could only improve her reporting.

Anonymous said...

Too effen funny. Temps make $16 an hour now? Wow, they've gone up. Unless of course $12 an hour is standard the Fox rate.

Anonymous said...

This is hilarious. Well done Temp X.

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