Monday, March 9, 2009

Stupid Interview Question -- Rehab Edition

It's no secret that many Hollywood celebrities have problems with drugs and alcohol. Heck, the biggest disappointment to many stars during the WGA strike was the cancellation of the notoriously liquor-bathed event called the Golden Globes.

But it's not just Paris and Lindsay (and Mel Gibson, Heather Locklear, Mischa Barton, Mickey get the point.) who have problems with the sauce, but it's apparently Hollywood executives as well. How else can you explain today's Stupid Interview Question?

"You wake up one morning and an elephant is sitting on your front step. What do you do?"

The answer is simple. You immediately call 866-871-3149, which just happens to be the phone number for the famed Promises rehab clinic in Malibu. You are clearly having a withdrawal hallucination known as a Pink Elephant*. Promises website offers you the opportunity to enjoy...
...a garden, swimming pools, Jacuzzis, a tennis court, and numerous meditation areas for quiet reflection. Sun streams through the beautifully decorated residences, bringing a feeling of warmth and healing comfort to the private rooms and common areas. With the mountains and ocean in your backyard, there are countless opportunities for outdoor, experiential activities including rock climbing and hiking.
Wow! I've gone on vacations that haven't been that nice. The only other explanation for this question could be your boss represents Michael Jackson, and the pets from the Neverland zoo are on the loose. In this case, call 562-728-4882. That's L.A. County Animal Care and Control.

* Yes, I'm aware that some use "Pink Elephant" to describe drunken hallucinations rather than withdrawal hallucinations.

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Anonymous said...

Holy Shite! I've been asked this question before. Although, after going on more anticlimactic interviews than I'd care to recollect, I can't remember who asked it...

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