Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Non-Violating Non-Disclosure Agreement Gossip

My three favorite words since I moved to Hollywood are "Non-Disclosure Agreement." (or perhaps it's two words). I've probably signed 20 of them since moving here and haven't told anyone anything.

As a former cog in the securities industry, we were required to sign NDAs because they discourage insider trading. So unless you enjoy being a Prison Bitch, it's probably a bad idea to violate your NDA. In the entertainment industry, this is a much sillier exercise because the information Temps have access to is more apt to end up in the National Enquirer than the Wall Street Journal.

During my Hollywood tenure, I've witnessed a lot of interesting things. So I thought I'd share some of them. I think I'm staying true to my NDA, but if I'm not, screw it. These are interesting morsels of gossip.
Which series regular on a network show left somewhere north of $150,000 per season on the table because of bad agenting by a certain Century City-based firm?
Talk amongst yourselves. If you have any non-NDA violating info, send them my way at

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Anonymous said...

I heard a former assistant took $40k from him as well...

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