Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Four More Years? Four More Years?

It seems like just yesterday I was on vacation, sipping a Dos Equis, swaying on a hammock (item #21) between two palm trees overlooking the Pacific evaluating my life. I was in a career that offered no joy and I seemingly couldn't escape. All I ever really wanted to do was write and get paid for it. It was at that liquor-fueled moment that I decided to attempt just that.

Upon my return (hopped up on adrenaline and pain medication for a pulled back muscle) I went back to my scandal-plagued employer, and told them I quit. A few weeks later I loaded up a U-Haul and drove 381 miles to my new apartment in Hollywood (technically, I'm 2 blocks away from Hollywood, but who's counting).

That hammock-and-beer-based decision came four years ago this week. While the transition hasn't been a smooth ride by any stretch, I'm glad to attempt something I care about. And with that, I'd like to thank each of the people I temped for during my four years here. I can't remember everyone, but I sure can remember a lot. So here's the list. Thank you...
  1. Steve
  2. Marc
  3. Jill
  4. Jeff
  5. Neal
  6. Kevin
  7. Birdie
  8. Heather
  9. Jim
  10. Rowena
  11. Doug
  12. Chris
  13. David
  14. Harriett
  15. Alan
  16. David
  17. Peter
  18. Clancy
  19. Tramm
  20. Heather
  21. Stephanie
  22. Crystal
  23. Neil
  24. Tracey
  25. Max
  26. Tom
  27. Deborah
  28. Matthew
  29. Alisa
  30. Brooke
  31. Nina
  32. Sam
  33. Michael
  34. Peter
  35. Chris
  36. Erika
  37. Maira
  38. Cathleen
  39. Charlie
  40. Nellie
  41. Madeline
  42. Meg
  43. Michael
  44. Anson
  45. Jack
  46. Barbara
  47. Susan
  48. Alan
  49. Araceli
  50. Mark
  51. Steve
  52. Bob
  53. Rafael
  54. Lillah
  55. Gayla
Plus the dude at the ad agency, the gig that wasn't, Edmonds Entertainment, MTV Films, accounts receivable at WHV and probably a bunch of other people I forgot. You've financed (albeit poorly) the last four years of my life. And if any of you ever want to buy any of my scripts, represent me or just hire me, let's talk. You know how to reach me.


Anonymous said...

I still can't believe no one has snapped you up by now! Your writing is terrific and the sarcasm brilliant!

Anonymous said...

Tell your mom to stop leaving comments on your blog!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to inform you I'm not his mom! Just a fan who can recognize witty talent.

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