Friday, March 13, 2009

A NEW feature -- Strange or Fiction?

With hundreds of TV channels and thousands of programs on every day, there's bound to be some really dumb episodes that cross the airwaves. Those are the shows you watch and think to yourself "Someone actually wrote this crap?" Sadly, the answer is YES, and they make a heck of a lot to do this.

This new game courtesy of your friends at The Hollywood Temp Diaries will allow you to guess whether the summary listed is Strange (but was an actual episode) or Fiction (meaning I made it up).

Eleventh Hour
Jerry Bruckheimer Productions

"Hood, Rachel and Felix are in New York during Fashion Week because of a series of murders in the fashion industry. Questioning the killers, Hood learns that these previously non-violent people felt incredible sexual desire and attraction for someone close by which incites them to pursue them at all costs, killing either the object of their desire or someone they perceived as getting in their way. Hood quickly rules out environmental toxins because the affected group is limited. His investigation leads him to a pheromones inserted to a new perfume released to a select group of 100 and he must track down all the recipients as well as stop the bitter perfumer’s lab tech who believes he isn't getting his fair share of the company's profits."

STRANGE -- 81%
FICTION -- 18%

And the correct answer is....STRANGE. I think I was a little too obvious on this one. But good job anyway to those who got it right.

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