Tuesday, September 30, 2008

How little will I get paid?

So every once in a while I'll get a question about how much temps/admins/jr. execs get paid in Hollywood. The easy answer is "not a lot." But if you need specifics, I did a little research for you. The following information is from the site Indeed.com (cough -- name sucks -- cough). While I can't attest to the top end of this scale -- remember I can't even get a full-time job -- the bottom end seems about right. Fear not, minimum wage in California is $8/hr. So you can't make any less than $16,000. Yippie!

[Note: All amounts are gross, and by that I mean before taxes. Temp pay assumes the ability to secure full-time temp work, which never happens. Also note my first gig in Hollywood, just three years ago, only paid $21,000 + overtime.]

If you care about their methodology, here's how http://www.indeed.com/salary/about_salary.jsp

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Anonymous said...

$28,000 for temping! I need to quit my agency assistant gig because I don't get paid that much.

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