Monday, September 22, 2008

At least MY synapses are working

People say a blog is like an online diary. And I suppose that's basically true. A blog just takes an experience and distills it into a piece that offers opinion, analysis and reflection. The problem is blogs don't convey the feelings of the moment about which you're writing. Lucky for us, there's instant messenger which traps all these moments.

Wanna know what goes through a Temp's mind when things don't work out in Hollywood? Following is an actual transcript of a conversation between Temp X and a Friend after another Hollywood decision that defies logic.

Temp X
: it's always nice when my temp assignment feeds me blog material on a silver platter
Friend: oh yeah?
Temp X: yep. they won't interview me for an open position, but they've requested me multiple times to fill in and want me to come back for another week
Temp X: i'm good enough to request, but not good enough to interview.
Temp X: logic does not prevail in this town
Temp X: and the person they will hire -- not someone they know
Temp X: not a contact
Temp X
: not an anything except a 24 yr old perky blonde
Friend: did they give you a reason why they won't interview you?
Temp X: no
Friend: i mean christ, even if they think you're not right (which is still frustrating), why not just yank your chain and bring you in?
Temp X: i choose not to ask. there's no answer that will be satisfactory
Friend: where are you working at?
Temp X: [Company Name Redacted]
Friend: ah
Temp X: i've learned to control my anger and frustration (years of therapy helped me with that). i just channel it in a different direction
Temp X: i blog about it. or use it for material at some point
Friend: sucks dude.
Friend: fuck them.
I'd offer a witty concluding remark here, but there's not much left that can be said other than, "So what? So let's dance..."

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Anonymous said...

Same exact thing happened to me. And then I had to work with said perky blond for weeks. When I grow up and/or come into fortune and/or power, I'm only hiring ugly geniuses.

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