Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The countdown is officially on

You've no doubt noticed the Knight Rider Cancellation Countdown that sits atop this page. This deathwatch has probably left you wondering, "How does Temp X know a show that hasn't even aired will be scrapped in just 4 weeks?" Does our hero of the underemployed have a screener? No. Did Temp X watch the made-for-TV movie/backdoor pilot? Nope. I wasn't even a fan of the original series.

So how did I know it was gonna suck? That's easy. It's on NBC. (zing - That's a joke left over from the Ben Silverman Celebrity Roast). But seriously, my friend put it best, "Talking cars didn't exist in 1982. It was a cool idea back then. But that was before GPS, OnStar and cell phones. These days you can't get 'em to shut up." Well said.

The show debuts tonight at 8 pm EST/7 CST on NBC. Here are some reviews from people who have actually seen the show. See if you notice a pattern...

" salmonella in the kitchens of the unvigilant, it has returned." Kansas City Star

"You'd have thought that NBC would have learned its lesson about remakes from last season's Bionic Woman..." San Jose Mercury News

"There is much to despise in Knight Rider, a shockingly incompetent, barely coherent, ad-driven rip-off about a shape-shifting autobot..." USA Today

"Knight Rider is a disaster, a remake so deliriously and delectably bad that you have to watch just to tell your grandchildren that you were there." Newsday

"How many things are wrong with NBC's Knight Rider remake? Well, how much time have you got? Or is all you need to know that NBC is doing a Knight Rider remake?" Newark Star-Ledger

And now for one positive review...

" probably the dumbest show of the season...Knight Rider fits perfectly as a lead-in to Deal or No Deal, the dumbest reality series in America. It's a masterstroke of programming at the Peacock network." SF Chronicle

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