Tuesday, May 27, 2008

This Week in TV

Summertime is upon us. And this can only mean one thing -- GREAT TV! For those of you who say there's a dearth of creativity on network TV these days, Temp X provides you 24+ hours worth of programming you can look forward to next week. Don't forget to set the TiVo for these winners...

  1. Million Dollar Password (Betty White and Regis Philbin cheat death for one more game show.)
  2. Saturday Night at the Fights (A guy named Kimbo Slice beats the snot out of everyone who isn't named Kimbo Slice.)
  3. The Price is Right Million Dollar Spectacular (Drew Carey calls it a day.)
  4. American Gladiators (People named Turbo and Minx wear Spandex and hit each other with giant Q-Tips. And they say TV execs don't do drugs.)
  5. Last Comic Standing (Watch Bill Bellamy try to be funnier than the contestants...and fail.)
  6. Stanley Cup Finals (ESPN dropped hockey in 2006 and their ratings improved. So of course NBC snapped up the rights.)
  7. TV's Most Outrageous Moments
  8. TV's Most Outrageous Moments
  9. TV's Most Outrageous Moments
  10. TV's Most Outrageous Moments (Yes. it's on 4 times)
  11. Top 100 Most Outrageous TV Moments (Yes this is different than TV's Most Outrageous Moments)
  12. Vacation Swap (I'm not sure what that means either.)
  13. The Bachelorette (25 guys and one woman. Not interested.)
  14. Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (They considered naming this show "Gift Taxes are a Bitch.")
  15. Wife Swap (You know ABC is hoping for an affair just once.)
  16. Super Nanny (British women yelling at insolent American brats.)
  17. So you think you can Dance? (Dancers vie for the opportunity to...uh...what happens to the winners?)
  18. Moment of Truth (Creepy people admit creepy stories to a creepy host -- Mark Walberg.)
  19. Dateline (Creepy people admit creepy stories to a creepy host -- Chris Hansen.)
  20. Hell's Kitchen (That crazy British guy yells because someone cut a turnip the wrong way.)
  21. COPS (Drunks)
  22. COPS (More Drunks)
  23. America's Most Wanted (errr....uhhhh.....You try making fun of John Walsh.)
  24. Farmer Wants a Wife (It's on the CW. You'll never watch it anyway.)
And only 44 days until GREATEST AMERICAN DOG.

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