Friday, May 23, 2008

Stupid things happen all the time in Hollywood. Which one of these really happened?

1 - After returning from vacation in Brazil, this Hollywood executive had a craving for a fruit she enjoyed while on R&R -- the Pineapple Guava. So she did what any good Hollywood exec would do, she told her assistant to track one down. The assistant called more than 20 grocery stores and produce markets in Hollywood. No luck. Further research revealed the pineapple guava, like many other Brazilian fruits, are prohibited by the USDA and Customs because of fruit fly risks. Upon receiving this bad news, she had the assistant call the USDA to complain about the ban and instructed them to call her when the restrictions were lifted.

2 - At the world's most important comic book convention -- Comic-Con -- this Hollywood executive was clearly out of his league. While walking through the aisles of the San Diego Convention Center Blackberry-ing away, this executive bumped into someone dressed as Wolverine from X-Men. The executive took one look at person's the faux-razor claws and mistook the superhero for Freddy Kruger, the smart-talking killer from Nightmare on Elm Street. This prompted the exec to sarcastically comment, "Oh no. Now you're going to kill me in my dreams" and walked off.

3 -- At a writers' seminar, this network executive forgot a cardinal rule for maintaining credibility -- know what you're talking about. The discussion revolved around storyline and character issues for one of the network's offerings. But this wasn't just any show. It was the network's flagship program. This show had generated billions of dollars and was syndicated globally. So naturally the audience was confused when some of the executive's analysis didn't jibe with what they all knew of the show. Prodded by the writers to explain further, the executive admitted having never watched the show.


After tallying all the votes, here's what people thought....

Pineapple Guava -- 14%
Freddy vs. Wolverine -- 14%
That's my show? -- 71%

And the correct answer is....

That's my show? -- No flies on you guys this week. Sure enough, this executive was completely unfamiliar with any of the hundreds of episodes of this show. Cowabunga!

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