Thursday, May 22, 2008

A Guide to Nightlife for Temps

With a good Pimp, temping is a 40-hour-a-week job. And after a tough week of rolling calls, fighting with the photocopier and hitting "refresh" on your email, you need to cut loose. But how much fun can you have when you're only making $14.30/hr? Most bars charge $7 for a drink, and that's after paying a $10 cover. That's more than an hour's work for just one drink! What's a temp to do?

Temp X is here to guide you through all aspects of life in LA. This is why I've put together a list of good, cheap (sometimes even profitable) fun that you can have in LA. You can have a good time and still pay your rent.

Hollywood Park (Inglewood) -- Catch the ponies at a track that offers the majesty of Churchill Downs...if it had been carjacked and taken to Camden, New Jersey. On Fridays they have $1 hot dogs and $1 beers with $7 cover. And to make matters better, sometimes they have concerts with Neil Diamond cover bands or hasbeens like The Smithereens. If you bet properly, it becomes a profitable experience. If you don't...err... (Track Trivia - Hollywood Park is a misleading name since the track is 10 miles from Hollywood. But the name "Put Your Wallet in Your Front Pocket" Park was too cumbersome.)

Sardo's (Burbank) -- Porn Star Karaoke?! It is what it sounds like, assuming it sounds like adult film professionals like Ron Jeremy and Britney Rears belting their hearts out all your Karaoke favorites like "I Will Survive," "Dead or Alive" and "Let's Go Crazy." The bar has a strict clothing mandatory rule, although sometimes it appears they're a little lax on the enforcement. Wear gloves! No Cover. EVERY TUESDAY.

Fox and the Hounds (Studio City) -- Trivia!! Take on the quiz master and the other geniuses who can't remember anything from college but have no difficulty remembering that Deep Purple made an album called "Machine Head." If you win, you get to gloat over free drinks and free food. If you lose, you feel intellectually inferior and are forced to slink home. No Cover. Every Monday and Wednesday.

Cinespia/Cemetary Screenings (Hollywood) -- Quickly becoming a summer-time tradition in Hollywood. In cities with high culture, people grab their blankets, picnic equipment and watch the symphony or Shakespeare in the park. In LA they pile into the Hollywood Forever Cemetery (the final resting place of celebs ranging from Charlie Chaplin, to Mel Blanc to Betty White. Wait, she's still alive?) and you can watch movie classics while and get a contact high. $10. Saturdays durnign the summer.

Best Buy (many locations) -- Play Guitar Hero for hours while warding off 8-year olds who are better at playing songs they don't even know (Foghat?! Who or what is Foghat?!). If that line is too long, you can always play Madden 2008 on the PS3. That machine is always available. Free.


Unknown said...

yes, Betty White is still alive - I saw her at the Brentwood P.O. a few months back, we watched a cute child together and commented to each other.

LEH said...

ONLY $14.30 an hour? Please. I'm an assistant at one of the largest independent studios and I make $12.02 an hour. But at least it's steady. TAKE THAT!

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