Friday, May 16, 2008

Stupid things happen all the time in Hollywood. Which one of these really happened?

1 -- Studio lots and major agencies have car detailing facilities on site. One day, one Hollywood executive needed his car cleaned in the morning so he could have it ready when he met potential client for lunch. When lunch time came around, the exec went down to the garage, got in his newly cleaned car and turned on the air conditioning only to see a pine needle blow through one of the vents. The exec turned off the car, called his assistant and requested an urgent car service. The exec also told the assistant to get the detailers to clean his car all over again -- Gratis.

2 -- Casting can make or break a movie - especially for one about George Washington. During a meeting with co-workers to discuss clients to submit for the role, this Hollywood executive suggested submitting a short, stout older Jewish man (think your Grandpa Sol) for the job. His co-workers were taken aback by this recommendation seeing as that Washington was 6'2" and certainly far from rotund. "Are you sure?" his co-workers asked. The exec dug further "What's the big deal? Slap a beard on him, and you're ready to go."

3 -- Hollywood execs are an edgy sort who sometimes need a cigarette to calm down. But when negotiations are heated, there isn't time to get off the conference call, go outside and have a smoke. One day, this executive was negotiating a multi-million dollar deal for a client to star in a major movie. When talks looked like they might stall, this executive pulled out a cigarette and lit up in his office. This only became a problem 5 minutes later when the fire alarm went off. At this point, the exec calmly walked out of his office, put the stubbed out cigarette and ashtray on the assistant's desk (and with it, blame) and exited the building. The assistant was fired.


After tallying all the votes, here's what people thought....

Car Cleaning -- 16%
George Washington -- 25%
Cigarette Story -- 58%

And the correct answer is....

The George Washington story. Yep. This exec made a bad casting recommendation only to compound it by confusing George Washington with Abe Lincoln.

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