Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Larry King Tuesday

Somehow I thought I was going to be further along in my career by now.

Man vs. Cholesterol
How is it that Adam Richman, host of Man vs. Food hasn't dropped dead yet?

I miss bendy straws.

I'm disappointed that Wonder Woman didn't get picked up because I wanted to post my Wonder Woman cancellation countdown.

What do dogs dream about?

Which has been worse for television - the growth of reality programming or the recession?

Make it a double.
If you shuffle around the letters in Newt Gingrich you get "Grit.  Gin Wench."

If you shuffle around the letters in Sarah Palin you get "Anal Parish."

Hands down, the best place in town to see a movie is the main theater at Paramount.  Giant seats, leg room, no previews.  It even made Alice in Wonderland a tolerable film.

Has anyone watched Piers Morgan recently?  I know I haven't.

I love flossing.

My new favorite magazine
Worse sequel -- Grease 2 or Caddyshack 2?

CNBC's Jane Wells is "tittering" (her words) because of my recent post comparing Sarah Palin's non-campaigning bus to Jack's truck from the Jack in the Box commercials.  If only my ex-girlfriends knew I could make women titter.

Remember when you could take spare change to the bank and they'd count it for you?

I'm taking the Miami Heat in six games versus Dallas.  Haslem's return makes all the difference.

My take home pay for my current temp gig pays $103 per day.


Anonymous said...

You should do these more often. Just don't run out of material.

Anonymous said...

take home pay would be great if you did not live in california. enjoy the weather.

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