Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Great Moments In Product Placement History -- Gossip Girl

And now another (cue echo effect) GREAT MOMENT IN PRODUCT PLACEMENT HISTORY.  Today's moment comes courtesy of last week's episode of Gossip Girl.

You see I was flipping channels (Really! I don't watch this show because that would also mean I know it comes on right after 90210.  And knowing that would be too embarrassing for words.) and who did I see, but Vizzini from The Princess Bride gazing longingly at five multi-colored bottles.  Hoping he'll make a quick homage to his famous role by saying, "Hurry up! Move that... thing. And that other... thing," I stay on this channel that apparently has the unfortunate name of "The CW."

Two product placements in one?
Sadly those multi-colored bottles were just part of an elaborate product placement story and my hopes for whimsical pop culture moment were dashed.  It turns out that Vizzini and some woman with an indeterminate accent were simply giving Blair Waldorf the low-down on the Vitamin Water Design Competition -- whatever that is.

Strangely, I was uninterested in any of this. So I threw the remote at my television and picked up a book.  I then realized I no longer knew how to read, so I fell asleep.

And thus concludes another (echo please) GREAT MOMENT IN PRODUCT PLACEMENT HISTORY.

As a post script, I'm fairly certain I would have won the Vitamin Water Design Competition using nothing more than a faucet, some food coloring, a ground up Centrum and two packets of sugar.  My flavor would have been called "Vitamin Water Sucker," not because it tastes like a lollipop, but because you're a sucker to pay $2 for a bottle of colored sugar water.

125 calories per bottle < Healthy

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