Monday, September 28, 2009

"Yom Kippur" is Hebrew for "Hollywood Is Closed"

I'm not working today. And for once, I don't have to thank the economy. Today I will thank my Hebrew brethren for Yom Kippur -- the day when I go from feeling "guilty" to feeling "super guilty." ¿מה נשתנה, הלילה הזה מכל הלילות?*

But not all of Hollywood is Jewish, meaning there are people who aren't working today or skipping temple. These days can be quite dull. Luckily the kind folks at have created a Yom Kippur word scramble to occupy at least part of your day.

Enjoy. The Temp Diaries will return tomorrow with all-new, non-religious episodes.

*Yes, I know that's from Passover. It's part of the joke.

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