Friday, September 4, 2009

Fall TV Preview: NBC

Well, we made it. I kept to my plan to add filler content to the site during a week no one is paying attention. And based on your feedback, you agree. I promise next week will be more fun.

I recognize it's only a half-day today. So being sensitive to your time, I decided to focus today on a half of a network - NBC. [Random Thought: How is it that a network that did so poorly has so few new shows? I know Jay occupies five slots...but still.]

TRAUMA: ER on the road. Or Third Watch during the day. Either way it'll hang around.

THE JAY LENO SHOW: We all know his bland brand of comedy. The question is, "When the economy recovers and ad rates go back up, will Jay Leno have a job?" And one more question, "When all the newspapers go out of business, what will he do instead of 'Headlines'?"

MERCY: Nurse Jackie with a better looking lead character and neutered content. Or is it Hawthorne with a taller lead character and neutered content. Quelle snoozé!

COMMUNITY: Joel McHale is my sister's hero/secret boyfriend. And as she designs all the logos for this site, I can speak no ill of him. Can a TV show win an Oscar?

In exactly 160 days NBC can look forward to a couple of great ratings books before returning to sucking wind. The Winter Olympics is coming!

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