Monday, September 7, 2009

35 > 15 > 2...Unless You're Nikki Finke

The Dodo bird has been extinct since the 17th century. But there is mounting evidence that the little known Dodo Nikki still exists, and thrives on the Internet. Here's the latest proof...

[8/30/09 -- Darling Nikki reports that WME will sack somewhere between 15-18 employees.]

[9/4/09 -- Darling Nikki reports that WME sacks a paltry two people, which is way lower than the number reported on those nefarious, evil and unreliable tracking boards -- or what she reported just a few days before.]

[9/5/09 -- Darling Nikki changes course again and reports that WME will sack 15-35 people at various offices in the coming weeks.]

When Nikki finds out that Nikki reported this, she is gonna be so pissed!

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