Thursday, August 12, 2010

A Nightmare on Memory Lane

I know I promised once I quit that I'd post things that happened at my old job.  Time to start making good on that.  Following is something I wrote February 4, 2010, just weeks after I started.  It appears I'd thought of quitting long ago.

Today started with a thud.  Not a thunk.  Not a thump.  An emphatic thud.

I often come to work questioning my own intellect.  For it's become obvious to me that my decision to move to Hollywood to pursue my literary aspirations, while perhaps admirable, was poorly considered.  I had no idea so many people had comparable desires.  (STRIKE 1)  I thought everyone wanted to be an actor because they get laid more.  Chalk this up to lack of research.   In a related note, I hate reality shows.

Regardless of my own ill-considered life decisions, I'm inspired every time someone not named Chuck Lorre or Jerry Bruckheimer sells a project.  The dude who came up with Shit My Dad Says got a TV show.  So there's gotta be room for a show about a feared Hollywood blogger?  (It appears I'm too lateSTRIKE 2.)

I even view my boss as inspiration.  She runs her own management business proving that if you're willing to take a risk, believe in yourself and have the smarts, you can make it in Hollywood.  Sure, business might be a little slow right now, but she's driven and things will pick back up, right?  STRIKE 3.

I immediately IMed my friend.

Temp X: Ugh.
Friend: What's the problem? 
Temp X: She idiot.
Friend: Your boss?
Temp X: Yep.
Friend: What happened.
Temp X: During the staff meeting she said she didn't like having to make calls, pitch clients or do know...WORK
Friend: STFU!!
Temp X: Yeah.  I'm employed by someone who formed a company that does work she's not interested in.
Friend: Amazing
Temp X: Kill me.  This place is basically a hobby with a payroll
Friend: I'm so sorry
Temp X: Oh and she also asked, and I quote, "In a business, what's the difference between a profit center and a cost center?"  Did I mention she owns the company?
Friend: LOL
Temp X: :|
Friend: What are you gonna do?
Temp X: Laugh.  Drink.  Cry.  The usual.

After work, I immediately went to buy a lottery ticket.  My luck can't get any worse.  What are the chances the winning numbers are 4, 8, 15, 16, 23 and 42?

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Anonymous said...

I assume u were writing about a dude this whole time.
The Im must be read aloud for full effect. Funniest part: the friend saying sorry.

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