Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Day 10: Temp X and Trader Joe's Project

Dinner:  Chilaquiles 

Refried Black Beans: $0.99 (16 oz.)
Scrambled Eggs: $1.49/dozen
Nachos:  $2.49 (16 oz.)
Salsa: Maybe $0.30 worth.  Extra spicy.

Yeah, I know.  More brown food.
There's something about Mexican food that's relaxing.  I liken it to comfort food that you can unashamedly serve with alcohol.  As I reconsider this logic, maybe I just want a meal I can drink with.  Well, that's neither here nor there.  Chilaquiles is beauty in its simplicity.  It is to food what a fart joke is to comedy -- it's easy and it works every time.

I already knew I can eat Mexican food -- or at least my version of Mexican -- any meal of the day.  But what I'd not realized until today is every time I eat this particular dish, I'm reminded my travels to Batopilas, a tiny town in Northern Mexico that's hardly touched by modern stresses.  It was there that I'd had chilaquiles for the first time.  While my version doesn't hold a candle to the one I had there (fresh ingredients apparently make a bit of a difference), it still delivers the feeling of serenity I had back then.  It's comfort food in the truest sense of the term.

Traffic jams don't exist here.
There's a lot to be stressed about in Hollywood.  It starts with the traffic jam on the way to work and only gets more challenging from there.  If a meal comprised of eggs, beans, chips and salsa can deliver the smallest bit of peace and tranquility to your life, have it.


Anonymous said...

if you want more brown food from TJ's, I highly recommend the mushroom risotto!

Anonymous said...

I decided to go to tj. This is the 4 person/blog to recommend. I must have went to the wrong one because tj is a spartan(michigan generic) store with organic food. I was excepting loads of choices. Coming from metro detroit I demand a lot of selection or a great specialty experience, if I want to buy an outfit and eat a gyro at 3am I could do that. I guess coming from a place with multiple farmers markets has jaded me. But the prices are ok. Now, I miss home.
I have no idea how your lunches fair but your dinners are becoming more and more sad. You might as well go to a soup kitchen. I looked at the plate and thought "he made this up". You should just go on a juice diet.

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