Friday, August 6, 2010

Are You Pretty Enough to Work at Saville Productions?

Thanks to one of my readers for pointing this out. See if you can figure out which part of this recent joblist posting should make you wonder what's going on at Saville...

(Comments in Red are mine)

Looking for a new assistant for an Exec Producer in TV commercials with interests in film and video games. (ok so far) Based in Los Angeles. (makes sense) Self Starter who wants to learn. (good, although the "s" in starter should be lower case)  Hard working and willing to put in the hours.  (typical)  Great at research.  (sure, it's called Google) Computer savvy.  (a little confused just because my theory is if you can find the posting and also respond, you've clearly established computer literacy) Need to upload showreels burn dvds etc. (not sure what that means, but it seems doable.  DVD should be capitalized.) Good at filing and organizing.   (i before e except after c) Good writing skills.  (Me talk pretty one day) Some errands.  (ugh) Sense of humor.  (a family walks into a talent agency...they do a bunch of dirty things...they call themselves "The Aristocrats.")  Interview Thursday 5th.  (whoops.  Shoulda posted this yesterday) Be ready to be trained starting August 9th $150/day.  (not awful, but still low paying)  4-5 days a week.  (are there choices between 4 and 5?) Initially freelance position. (read: no benefits) Please send resume and picture (BINGO!  IT'S THE OLD SEND A PICTURE WITH YOUR RESUME THINGY.  GOTTA LOVE IT.) to


Stephanie K said...

I noticed this too... Ridiculous. Personally, I'm holding out for the job opening that wants someone who is "lazy, thin-skinned, humorless, and requires others to get them "started." WINNER.

Anonymous said...

I applied none the less and didn't hear anything...although the account I applied thru says I was viewed 4 times. Guess they couldn't decide if I was cute enough?

Anonymous said...

Look at this winner I found on Craigslist. Not only do they ask for TWO pictures but they state you have to be attractive in the first sentence. At least they're honest? HA. I fucking love Hollywood, I hope they hire me

-Seeking a pleasant, hip, attractive and respectful individual to be to be a receptionist-administrative assistant for a Record Label.

- 2 years work experience as receptionist or administrative assistant.
- Requires strong interpersonal and phone skills, including meeting people, occasionally running errands, coordinating and setting up meetings, attending meetings and taking notes.
- Prefer people to have experience in Music/Entertainment.
- Prefer college degree, not required.
- Full security and employment eligibility background done.
- Must have computer at home.
- Have reliable transportation, a valid driver?s license

To apply for this position submit your resume and two recent photos to the above email. Applications without photos and resumes will not be considered!!!

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