Thursday, October 15, 2009

It didn't take long for some enterprising person to exploit the Brown List

Well, I now know the reason Nikki's in such a hissy about the Brown List. Turns out she was compiling her own list of Hollywood power brokers based on a flawed methodology ("I am the judge. It's my list!"). Rather than being happy for my momentary success, she's cheesed off that I stole her thunder.

This relationship is never gonna work. Nikki, I think we should start seeing other people.

[Former Marketing Exec says: Tell Elle you changed the name of your site four months ago.]


Anonymous said...

not to mention that she added michael patrick king to the list. last i checked, he was still a man!

Jane Bradford said...

i'm crushed your romance will soon be over! oh, the sorrow of two people in the same business, trying to make a go of it together.

did that sound sincere?

Anonymous said...

Nikke Finke sounds like a rotten c*nt who is just jealous that you run a site people read - and laugh while doing so. I was in Hollywood in Post Production for a while, and let me tell you... some of the asses you run across are just unbelievable! I had a P.A. throw a video tape at my head. Got yelled at by FAYE DUNAWAY (who hasn't?).

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