Monday, October 19, 2009

Hollywood Dictionary: Volume 15

So much demand for another edition of the Hollywood Dictionary. Here's the latest. If you have any terms you'd like defined, please send them along. I'll be happy to help.

Honey Wagon -- According to Urban Dictionary, "Honey" can be slang for heroin, cocaine and a bunch of -- dare I say -- less appropriate interpretations for the purposes of this blog. So one might think this term is Hollywood speak for a trailer or alternate facility where over-paid talent could a) do copious amounts of coke or other narcotics or b) do copious amounts of copulation. But you'd be wrong, just like your ill-fated attempt to determine what "Double Banger" means. Turns out a "Honey Wagon" is a toilet. What a bummer.

Weekend Read -- A trick question, right? No one in Hollywood can read. Thus, whatever a "Weekend Read" is, it has nothing to do with "weekends" or "reading." Duped you! Turns out just enough Hollywood execs passed Hooked on Phonics: Volume 1 that their bosses give them scripts to read for homework. Then, like a book club Scottsdale, the whole crew gathers together the following Monday morning for a few cocktails and discusses possible staffing ideas for the next great, needless remake. This week: A Star Is Born.

Base Camp -- As Sir Edmund Hillary and his trusty sidekick Tonto knew, any major expedition requires a place to stop, re-energize, eat, sleep, poop and map out the next day's events. Those who climb Mt. Everest just happened to do it a 17,700 feet. Hollywood has "base camps" too. This collection of trailers and tents are for the cast and crew of Dinner for Schmucks (or whatever the project), the food consists of Red Bull, bagels and licorice and base camp is often in the unforgiving terrain of Bubank. Leave it to Hollywood to take what could easily be called "the office" or "work" and make it sound like an athletic achievement (see "Rolling Calls").


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Define: Showrunner.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for another edition. This is one of my favorite features of your blog.

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