Wednesday, October 7, 2009

News from Outside Hollywoodland

It's good to step outside the Hollywood bubble every once in a while. Not only can you take a couple days to forget about runaway production, remakes galore and whatever is currently crushing your entertainment industry aspirations, but it also gets you back in touch with how the other half lives.

The insularity and self importance of Hollywood can get in its own way. We forget most people don't care about overnights for Accidentally on Purpose or management changes at Universal. So for those of you who were not lucky enough to spend part of your October in rainy Milwaukee, I can share what the rest of the world (or at least the Upper Midwest) is concerned with...

BRETT FAVRE -- The once and future retiree took on his former squad in what was among the most-hyped football game since Super Bowl XLII (or 42 for you non-Roman speakers). In the end, the Methuselah Vikings beat the Green Bay No Offensive Linemens. The game wasn't as close as the 30-23 score would indicate. But if you're craving some entertainment industry tie in, the game was the highest rated show in the cable TV history (15.3 rating/21.8 million viewers).

Actually that's pretty much it. It was Brett Favre 24/7. As of 7:08 a.m. PST, it's only another 2,170,323 seconds until the rematch at Lambeau Field. Go Pack Go!

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Anonymous said...

Um, if you're going to do a comment on Brett Favre, at least have the decency to NOT show Don Majkowski! He's the guy who lost his job when Favre came in the game after Majik got hurt -- in 1992!!!!!!!!!!. Show some respect or read a playbook or something!! I love Don, but please don't add insult to injury.

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