Friday, October 2, 2009

Temp X has an interview on 9/29. Which of the following is the likely outcome? [Note: All of these outcomes have happened to me at least once before.]

Following are the survey results as well as the results of the interview.
  1. The interview is "postponed" and never rescheduled. -- 11%
  2. They hire someone "better looking." -- 8%
  3. I'm rejected based on having "too much experience." -- 18%
  4. I never hear back after the first interview. -- 46%
  5. The person I interviewed with gets fired. -- 14%

The result of my interview is in. I DID NOT get the job. But more importantly, did you guess the right reason why Temp X didn't get hired? Let's review what happened.

Today I received an email indicating that while [Company Name Redacted] appreciated my interest, they hired someone with more experience (hmm...). So you can deduce that choices #1,3,4 and 5 are the wrong answers.

If you guessed, they hired someone "better looking" you'll be right. Congrats to everyone for playing. Time to call my pimp.


Anonymous said...

I take it your interview wasn't with ICM, Innovative Artists, "MomLogic", or WME given that you received follow-up correspondence. Might I also recommend trying out the Focus Group circuit? The pay is good, the hours are short, and sometimes they even feed you.

Anonymous said...

Amazing! Some day I aspire to be rejected from a job. No place I've applied has ever bothered answering. Congrats! So though they hired someone better looking, you weren't the worst. :)

Anonymous said...

No.4 is the suckiest ever

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