Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Halloween -- Temp Diaries style

Halloween is almost here!

For those making real money, Halloween is a laugh riot. It's an opportunity to party and spend your disposable income on elaborate outfits mocking celebs-du-jour (e.g., Balloon Boy, Octo-Mom, Jon and/or Kate and/or the Eight). But for those of us earning $11/hr, Halloween and Trick-or-Treating is basically begging for our next meal. Furthermore, our Halloween costumes tend to be scaled back (or the same as last year's). Until now.

The Hollywood Temp Diarie
s -- the source behind the somewhat-ballyhooed Brown List, the Il FACA Film Festival and Un Café Andalou -- is happy to provide you your very own Nikki Finke mask (see below). You too can dress up as Hollywood's second-favorite blogger and scare the piss out of any entertainment executive. All you need is a printer, a pair of scissors and some string. Then just wait for the fun!

Following are some suggestions on ways to maximize the fun of your new Darling Nikki mask:
- Tell your boss Nikki was passing by and wanted to talk about the pathetic gross for your last movie. Immediately slip on your mask, walk back into the office and...POW! Watch the hysterics and/or palpitations.

- Grab the Ari Emanuel look-alike from in front of Grauman's Chinese Theater. Then head over to CAA, put on your mask and walk through their mausoleum yelling, "Mommy and Daddy are home!"

- While in full Nikki regalia, walk into Jay Penske's office and tell him you want your $14 million now -- in cash.
Now go out and have some fun. Happy Halloween!


Anonymous said...

I'm all for costumes on a budget. I try to do found costumes, things that I can pull together from my wardrobe, but if I have to buy things, I try to make it so it's stuff I can actually wear normally.

Any other ideas for costumes on a budget? You're so creative, I'd love to hear what else you could come up with.

Anonymous said...

i doubt nikke finke is actually this cute!! even with the cutout eyes, something tells me that someone so vapid and bitter just can't be that pretty. i'm the lowly second assistant and my boss is sleeping with the first asst, and i think she's about to get promoted, so i'll be somewhere getting drunk on halloween, praying to the dark spirits that my boss' wife happens into the office next week, preferably on wed & thursday afternoons.

Anonymous said...

HAHA OMG ! this is hilarious :D thx for the laugh

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