Friday, June 12, 2009

When No Things Happen to Good People

As I've said before, Hollywood is all about what you know connections. So how's it working out for Temp X? Well my grand experiment is four years on and I'm an infrequently-employed Temp. So that should give you an indication of how good my connections are. But every once in a while, fate -- like a Mariah Carey ceremonial first pitch -- throws something my way.

A person I've known through friends for many years just sold a major project that will start shooting in a matter of weeks. We in the industry call this "Active Production" (so as to not be confused with "In Production" which means anything someone is willing to believe.) Upon hearing this news, I thought, "How great for [Name Redacted]. Nice to see this person's hard work has paid off."

Then I was on to my second thought, "I actually have A CONNECTION!"

Now before you think that I'm a self-serving jerk, realize that this mindset if rather typical in Hollywood and I'm just playing by the rules. To continue my thought, "Perhaps [Name Redacted] will need a PA. Heck, [Name Redacted] can certainly relate to my struggle. And considering we have mutual friends, I have an in, right?"

So I send this person a congratulatory email and receive a "Thanks, I'm really excited, etc." response within 24 hours.

"Woah!" I thought. "The door is cracked open. Let's see if I can push it open the rest of the way. My long national nightmare might be over."

So I send a follow-up correspondence asking to be one of the lowest of the lows on the production. I have great references. An excellent work ethic. And this person knows me. I'm a shoo-in, right? Or at least I'll get an interview, right? Wrong.

I'm still waiting on a response.

Time to go get breast implants.


Ms. Manager said...

I absolutely feel ya on that. I know people who absolutely have it in their power to recommend me, if only they would. The people who are extolling my virtues unbidden have nothing to offer my career, but are usually taking my advice.

There's an ugly truth in there somewhere.

BuckBonz said...

How long have you been waiting on a response since you solicited him for a PA position? He's obviously very busy if they're in "Active Production" and responding to your email is not a priority.

Get him on the phone if you can. At worst you'll leave word which will force him to have your name on his mind.

Anonymous said...

Please don't get the implants. You will only skew your perspective and your blog may suffer.

I've lived in Los Angeles for over 25 years and I grew up in Southern California. I have secured work based on my skills and, yes, what I know about the film/tv business. I'm in a lull now, but I have been before and came out of it. You will, too as will the readers. I hope SAG finally signing the contract will bring an uptick in work. It did in 1988 and that one lasted 11 months.

To Thine Own Self, Be True - even in this town, this business.

jc del barco ii said...



Anonymous said...

I love this blog, but maybe they felt like you only congratulated them to butter them up and ask for a job.

I know we're all trying to make it, but it's so frustrating to make a tiny step for yourself, only have a bunch of people start bugging you for a leg up. Maybe this person wants to save their work favors for something else.

Anonymous said...

As an NYC transplant I find this to be the most frustrating thing about LA.
In NYC, anyone and everyone from best friends to strangers you meet at a bar are willing to help you out when you need a job.
I'm not talking about "I'll keep my ears open" either. I mean, "Hold on, let me call my friend" or "Go to XYZ and talk to Q, I'll call her and let her know you're coming."
In LA even good friends, REAL friends, could care less about helping a friend out.
I honestly haven't figured out how to get a job here even WITH connections.
I've been calling NYC friends for help. For real.

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