Thursday, June 18, 2009

Pictures from the Trenches

As you probably notices by the hideous PURPLE type above, I've added a new feature to the Hollywood Temp Diaries -- "Pictures from the Trenches."

Here's the deal. I've seen a bunch of stupid stuff in my days working in Hollywood, from people falling asleep at their desks to execs playing Guitar Hero on the job. And then there are the "Temp Instruction" binders that sometimes exceed 30 pages. If my intuition is right, I'm not the only one who has seen idiocy in action. So I'm inviting you to participate in the fun.

As you see Stupid things happen, whip out your iPhone/Blackberry/etc. and snap a picture of it. Then email it to If you're feeling ambitious, you can even write a caption for it. If the picture is funny or depressing (or depressingly funny) I'll post it on the Temp Diaries website. And best of all, it's anonymous.

Here's my first contribution -- found in the copy room of a major network, a diagram of exercises you can do while waiting by the photocopier.

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Ms. Manager said...

I think that's their entire employee healthcare budget.

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