Thursday, June 25, 2009

Hollywood Dictionary: Volume 11

More inanity from the area bordered by the 134, the 405, the 10, the 110, the 5 and the 2 freeways. And without any further delay, another edition of the Hollywood Dictionary...

Live Action -- Try as Jerry Bruckheimer might, talking Guinea Pigs don't actually exist. Cars that turn into laser beam-shooting monsters -- not real either. We in the industry call these CGI-movies, which is abbreviated from the Italian phrase coined by Frederico Fellini "Cinema Grande Idiota." Of course one dumb term deserves another. So those movies that simply involve actors and scripts but have no wise-cracking pets are called "Live Action." May I suggest a more appropriate name -- "People Movies."

Shingle -- It's well known that in 1985 Richard Nixon came down with a case of Herpes Zoster. But did you know he wasn't the only former President to catch this itchy, viral disease? Herbert Hoover (a.k.a. The worst President until 2001) caught Shingles in 1947. Now normally a posting that includes Hollywood and Herpes immediately makes one think of Paris Hilton, but this has nothing to do with her either. If you have a "Shingle," it simply means you have a production deal with a studio and, as part of the deal, they provide you some office space.

Martini Shot -- At first glance, you're certain this has something to do with the speed at which Kiefer Sutherland, Lindsay Lohan or Mel Gibson throw back the oh-so-tasty combination of gin, vermouth and a couple of olives. Mmm...delicious gin...with your flavored juniper berries. What's that you say Mr. Talking Bottle of Tanqueray? You think I've been seeing other drinks? No. It's just you and me babe. For now and forever...Oh, sorry. I got distracted. The "Martini Shot" is a Hollywood term that describes the last scene to be filmed that day before everyone can go out and do a bunch of coke off a stripper's ass.

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You are too effen funny. I heard there was a shot named after Mickey Rooney, but I forget what it pertains to. Anyone know?

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