Monday, April 20, 2009

The day I almost gave up...

A recent perusal of my "Sent" emails revealed I've applied for more than 500 jobs since moving to Hollywood. When I'm lucky, the applications result in an interview. If I'm really lucky, I'll find out I'm simultaneously overqualified and underqualified for this position. Regardless of my standing on the capabilities spectrum, the result is the same. Someone else gets the job. I end up calling my Pimp again.

I always figured if I worked for a place enough times (because they kept requesting me), I'd be on the inside track should a position open up. Not sure why I believed that as it hadn't proven itself true before. Optimism has always been a shortcoming of mine.

The following is an IM exchange between your hero and a friend after finding out optimism is for suckers.
Temp X: how pissed am i allowed to be? [Company name redacted] hired someone.
Temp X: i didn't even get called in
FRIEND: what???
Temp X: yep
FRIEND: for [name redacted]'s job?
Temp X: yep
FRIEND: very pissed
FRIEND: that's extremely rude and wrong
Temp X: i'm so angry. i've only spent [a lot of time] there and told everyone there i'm looking for work
FRIEND: i can't believe you didn't even get an interview
Temp X: nope. nothing.
In true Hollywood fashion, they called me to Temp for a few days before the new employee was to start. The surprising part...I wasn't surprised at all.


Anonymous said...

Ugh, classic. I worked for [World Dominating Conglomo Whose Mascot is a Mouse] as a temp to rave reviews, didn't get an open PA job, and was then asked to return and train/assist PA. Here's to Hollywood!

Unknown said...

I had 2 really good interviews from EntertainmentCareers after paying there, 1 for a PR assistant and the other for Talent Agent Assistant, both for big name companies. Nothing from UTA and secondly is Craigslist where I got a few followups but no interviews.

Anonymous said...

i've learned from past experiences - typically hollywood can't see you as anything other then what they first think you to be.

if they know you as a temp - most of the time you'll always be a temp to them - until you can get someone else to see you differently.

for whatever reason, the industry lacks the ability to visualize outside of their own box.

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