Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Temp X discuses the WMA/Endeavor deal

Hollywood has been abuzz the last few days as the needlessly long adoption of William Morris by Endeavor finally concluded. The level of hysteria by the upper levels of Hollywood probably hasn't been this high since the AOL/Time Warner deal nearly 10 years ago. And reporters were all atwitter [Note: This does not mean Twittering, which they also did] as it gave them something to cover other than the recently announced remake of Ice Castles.

And then there's what it means to the rest of us - the barnacles. Here's a brief recap of the merger from my end of the Hollywood spectrum...

April 27, 2009
2:48 p.m. -- I get an email from about four different message boards telling me that the WMA/Endeavor deal is done. They all have links to either a Variety, Deadline Hollywood or The Wrap article.

2:48:01 p.m.
-- I delete these emails and go back to filling out my unemployment form.

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Anonymous said...

A remake of Ice Castles?!! Have mercy! Ya know, once the WME merger is complete, perhaps the theme from Ice Castles should be playing in the background as folks get the shaft. I can hear it now...

Please, don't let this feeling end
It's everything I am,
Everything I wanna be;
I can see what's mine now
Finding out what's true,
Since I've found you....


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