Friday, February 27, 2009

Hollywood studios have apparently given up. Which recently announced movie wins the award for "Least Necessary"?

  • Arthur remake featuring Russell Brand (WB)* -- 26%
  • Damn Yankees featuring Jim Carrey and Jake Gyllenhaal (New Line)** -- 10%
  • Candy Land, based on the board game (Uni)*** -- 42%
  • Clue, based on the movie based on the board game (Uni)**** -- 21%

* Dudley Moore collaborated with Sir Geoge Solti. Russel Brand showed up to work on 9/12/2001 dressed as Osama bin Laden.
** It should be noted Jim Carrey's only other musical performance in a film was when he sang "Assholomio" in
Ace Ventura: Pet Detective using his butt.
***Type 2 diabetes rates are up 90 percent in the past decade.
****Total U.S. box office for the 1985 release was $14.6 million or adjusted for inflation, about $30 million.

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